There Goes the Neighborhood!

"Be happy, young man, while you are young, and let your heart give you joy in the days of your youth."  --  Ecclesiastes 11:9
A few years ago on a glorious Saturday I was in the front yard weeding when a raucous commotion up the street caused me to look up from my dandelions. Four or five houses away, two teenage boys were roaring with laughter as they pushed one another on a four-wheeled concoction that can only be described as ridiculous: an orange moving truck dolly complete with two bright plastic sleds for the seat, a Spiderman skim board for the back, and a swatch of foam-cushioning to top it all off. Veering near disaster to the lawn on their left, I watched with disbelief, thinking “Kids these days!” When suddenly I realized, uh…you guessed it: they were my sons.

Joy. Unabated & unrestrained. Uninhibited laughter and delight. I had to smile to myself. When did I lose that sense of delight? Why can a 16-year and 13- year old radiate from-the-belly-chortling at life, when we adults only see scrapes, ruined sleds and noise?

I want that abundant joy -- not just an optimistic personality, or a sense that all is well in my world -- no, I want to be like my Ford-engineering sons, discovering wonder and awe at the simplicity of this life designed by a loving Creator.

I imagine that Creator was relishing in HIS creation at that moment as well.

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  1. It is definitely with soft hearts that we love our children. It is easy to see the consequence that possibly awaits the fun and experimental devices that make our kids so happy. Sometimes, the consequence will still be worth the fun. :) Something I work to see everyday! Great blog!