Million Dollar Hug for $0.42

We had just returned after several days of mandatory evacuation from our home on the northwest side of Colorado Springs. The Waldo Canyon fire came dangerously close to our neighborhood….but, amazingly, we were spared.

I opened the mailbox to find a greeting card with a curiously modified heading:
“As you settle (back) into your new home”

It was from my daughter, thousands of miles away on the East Coast. She’d been following the raging inferno that threatened the very home she grew up in. She found this card, modified it accordingly, and penned inside: “It makes me appreciate how you’ve made the house a home these past 14 years. I love you. Annette.” What a girl. What a million dollar hug.

In this day of instantaneous Facebook, Twitter, Texting, Email and IM exchanges, when’s the last time you actually selected a card, personalized it, slapped a stamp on it and dropped it in the mail? Today might be a good time.

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  1. I love getting and receiving cards! So sweet of your daughter!