Snowflakes in Summer

It’s 90° in Colorado Springs today, but a snowflake managed to float through our Family Talk doors: Enter Hannah Strege.

Marlene and Hannah Strege at the
White House.
Hannah is a blossoming young 13-yr-old who’ll be entering 8th grade this fall. She has met President George H. W. Bush, had her testimony featured in British and Australian Parliaments, and been introduced before Supreme Court Justices in Brazil. She loves acting in community plays such as “Horton Hears a Who” and “Peter Pan,” and is looking forward to her role in the upcoming “Seussical” production later this year.

As the world’s first “Snowflake Baby,” Hannah is glad to be alive and obviously, makes the most of every day! Her little life emerged from a frozen embryo on December 31, 1998 after being implanted in a grateful infertile woman named Marlene Strege. And just as every snowflake is unique and designed by God, so is Hannah – and the over 600,000 other embryos which have been frozen post- fertilization. Currently about 2,000 more await adoption.

Find out if your home is ready for a little snowflake to fall into your lives, or get more information on how you can support life at: snowflake-embryo-adoption

And catch little 2-yr-old Hannah singing “Jesus Loves Me” to Dr. Dobson here!

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