The God Who Sees Me

I’m a busy mom, just like you. Over the past 28 years of my marriage to Steve I’ve been employed part-time and full-time, worked in an office and from home, been a room mom, car-pool driver, Bible-Study teacher and a Moms In Prayer district coordinator. My four kids span a dozen years, meaning that when my oldest was a Sr. in High School, my youngest was just starting Kindergarten.

Add to that the all-too-familiar assignments of cook, chaperone, coach, comforter, personal appointment scheduler, barber, nurse and my personal favorite (NOT!) “Science-fair parent”, and I hope you can quickly see: I understand just a bit of your world.

And yet – even with all the life experiences and “kindred spirit” moments we share as women, I’m all too aware that there are many, many more hurts, challenges, heartaches and mysteries you’ve experienced which I’ll simply never understand. I get that. You’ve fought dragons, anguished over broken relationships, and tackled mind-numbing questions with which I’ve never had to wrestle.

That’s why I take enormous delight in the profound truth that we serve an intensely personal God. Sarah’s rejected handmaiden, Hagar, described Him best in Genesis 16 as “the God who sees me.”

That means that in the middle of the night when I’m awake with a feverish child – He sees me. When I move to a new town and am overlooked by everyone else – He sees me. As I mumble and stumble through my tasks as wife, mom, daughter, sister, employee, friend – He sees past my shortcomings and tenderly cradles my heart in His hands. And likewise, when you ache and struggle beyond what others can imagine – He sees you, too.

Here’s to our journey together with the comfort that when the world overlooks us – the One who made the world, never takes His eyes off us.


  1. Hi LuAnne, as I read through your words today I am struck with the notion that as He sees us, that is all that really matters. If we don't think He is seeing our joys, heartaches or struggles, we want to give up. But if we truely have faith that He cares and is working good into all the bad and difficulties in our lives, then life is joyful. Thank you for your wonderful thoughts on this!

  2. God bless you LuAnne. I so needed to hear these encouraging words today. I needed a word from God today and He used you His vessel. Thank you.

  3. Thank you, LuAnne for your words of encouragement. That's what the Body of Christ is all about, encouraging one another until our Lord returns for us. Thank you.

    May you grow more and more in His grace and beauty so you can be that willing vessel that He has chosen to use.

    Blessings my dear Sister.